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“things chosen”

From Process to Discovery

Is it Topographic?  Is it Microscopic?

It is Chemical.  It could be Alchemy (if you believe in that)

Raw and Refined

This Product of Process has Inspired Meaning

I Certainly Picked the Pieces

A Witches Brew a Chemists Lab

Ordinary, Lame, and Discarded

Boiled for Hours – Temporal

The Smell of Skunk and Earth; Acrid.

Burning Hands Bottle

Process and Practice do not make Perfect – they make Moments

In these Moments – I Wait – I Move – the Medium Moves

Repulsions Reactions Mistakes

And then They Dry

They Crack – They Crust – They Crystalize

Form + Process this is the Formula I was Taught

This is what you see, at least what you see now

In This Moment

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