I've only attended 4-5 times out of the many workshops that had been done, and never once have I felt left out of information and lost because I missed the passed classes. 


All the of the workshops had a connection but yet you could still learn from that workshop if you hadn't attended the past workshops. Everything was clear and useful as an aspiring artist who wants to learn more. 


What I loved most about Michael's workshops was that he'd  take us out of our comfort zone, from our usual ways of drawing and methods. You really get to widen your horizens and explore other things and learn to just go with the flow and see what happens. 


Micheal Contino's workshops have honestly been the most useful art related workshop I've ever attended. Not only did he a different mindset than the local artists here (which is a really good thing as an educator) but he attended to every student no matter how big or small the group is.


I look forward to his future projects and workshops. 



Hana Kadhem